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Perhaps you want to build a mobile application for your business, to make it easier for customers to schedule services or purchase products. Alternatively, maybe you have an idea for an app that you think could shake up the market and just need a skilled Android or iOS app developer to help you bring it to fruition. Either way, if you need mobile app development in Australia, look no further than App Gurus.

Our goal as a business is to make beautiful, functional and fun to use apps that mesh with your personal vision. There are some very talented app developers out there who are difficult to work with because they hijack every project they work on.

We are not that type of app development company.

Apple iOS App Development

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It isn’t possible to build a quality mobile app without thinking about the operating system that will be running it. User interface, user experience, application compatibility, app performance, battery consumption and app security are all pressing concerns that can shift from one operating system to the next. With Apple app design, there is the added complication of Apple’s App Store Approval process, which uses a notoriously rigid set of rules to determine your app’s future.

At App Gurus, we are knowledgeable about Apple’s various devices and iOS incarnations, as well as with the App Store requirements. We can help you navigate all these complexities to get your app to the right audience.


From a top-selling educational app for kids to a program that helps aspiring artists hone their drawing skills, we have designed advanced and beloved Apple iOS apps in a range of genres. Not only did these applications pass Apple’s strict approval process, but they’ve also gone on to find audiences on countless iPhones and iPads around the globe.


Android App Development

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The Google Play store is the largest app store in the mobile world, with 2.8 million apps and counting. With so much competition, businesses and entrepreneurs need truly stellar apps to stand out from the crowd. Add the ever-changing landscape of Android devices, and the challenges of this market become even more pronounced.

At App Gurus, we use a well-established development process to guarantee high levels of quality control, no matter the app category or scale. Our Android developers can even figure out ways to future proof your app so that it keeps pace with the evolutions of the Android platform.


Engaging games with quirky yet beautiful graphics; apps that streamline digital marketing for companies around Australia; intuitive applications that meet the unique needs of real estate companies, colleges and other businesses. These are just a few of the app projects our Android mobile development team have taken on over the years.

If you have made it this far, you are here with a reason. You need our help!

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