So ... What's Next?

Great, no doubt you have been thinking about this idea for a while, had a chat to your closest family and friends, and all have given you positive feedback. The next step and perhaps the most important step is ‘documentation’. Start writing down what your target market will be and what are the key features which match your target market by answering some simple questions.

  • Who are my audience?
  • What are the age groups to target?
  • Targeting businesses or everyone?
  • What are the key features?
  • Any special effects or animations, unique innovations?
  • Any example graphics or design?

Dont worry about how detailed your answers are, the sole purpose of this step is to hit the ground running when chatting with our App Gurus.

Next ... Book a Guru

Once you have completed your notes, the next step is to get in touch with one of our App Gurus. Complete the contact form or give us a call to book in the best time to come in for a meeting. At the meeting we can get a non-disclosure agreement in place before going through all aspects of your app.

Its important for us to gain a full vision of what you have in mind to ensure there every single part is planned for and nothing is missed. We will ensure full transparency is discussed ranging from the devices we will code for, integration of marketing/analytic SDK’s, as-well as server infrastructure and any ongoing costs which may be necessary to ensure your app is well supported upon completion and into the future.

We will look forward to hearing from you.


* We value your confidentiality and keep all disclosed information private.

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