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Perhaps you want to build a mobile application for your business, to make it easier for customers to schedule services or purchase products. Alternatively, maybe you have an idea for an app that you think could shake up the market and just need a skilled Android or iOS app developer to help you bring it to fruition. Either way, if you need mobile app development in Australia, look no further than App Gurus.

Our goal as a business is to make beautiful, functional and fun to use apps that mesh with your personal vision. There are some very talented app developers out there who are difficult to work with because they hijack every project they work on.

We are not that type of app development company.

Apple iOS App Development Brisbane

iPhone | iPad Air | iPad mini | iPad Pro

Contact App Gurus if you are looking for the best in IOS App Development Australia has to offer. It isn’t possible to build a quality mobile app without thinking about the operating system that will be running it. User interface, user experience, application compatibility, app performance, battery consumption and app security are all pressing concerns that can shift from one operating system to the next. With Apple app design, there is the added complication of Apple’s App Store Approval process, which uses a notoriously rigid set of rules to determine your app’s future.

At App Gurus, we are knowledgeable about Apple’s various devices and iOS incarnations, as well as with the App Store requirements. We can help you navigate all these complexities to get your app to the right audience. Our expert team has been behind some of the biggest projects in IOS App Development Brisbane has ever produced

iOS App Development Australia

We build iOS apps that reach audiences and keep them engaged

With 55% of the mobile market share in Australia, Apple iOS apps simply can’t be ignored for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to make waves in their industry.

Whether you’re a long established company looking for new ways to stay in touch with your customers or simply an idea maker with dreams of upsetting the market, App Gurus has got your Australia iOS app development needs covered.

Success Stories

Brisbane Northside Emergency

When it comes to showcasing our successes in iOS app development in Brisbane, nothing shines brighter than this app that allows emergency room patients a modern, streamlined way to manage their admission to Brisbane Northside Emergency.

Crooked Compass

Featured on Shark Tank, Crooked Compass is an iOS exclusive app developed by App Gurus to help world travellers unlock next level experiences wherever their adventures take them.

GROW With Nature Play

Supported by Queensland Government and developed based on best practices in early childhood development, this playful app assists parents in raising happy, healthy kids by offering engaging opportunities to explore nature in an educational way.

Our iOS App Development Process Starts and Ends With Your Vision

There are plenty of iOS app developers in Australia, so why should you choose App Gurus?

Simply put, we’ve created a streamlined process that allows us to shape your vision—whatever that may be—into a beautiful, functional, and fun iOS app.

We start with a concept, fit it to your brand, develop it into a harmonious user experience, and breathe life into it with professional graphics and other artistic elements.

We aren’t just programmers. We are true creatives.

App Gurus has the skill, experience, and proven track record that your dream needs to take shape in the app store.

We Do The Hard Work For You

Developing an iOS app in Australia is one thing, getting it published to the app store is another.
The good news is that we have years of experience meeting the strict requirements that Apple has in place to get an app approved.

We build iOS apps so that they are made to adapt to the ever-shifting sands of technology. And, should the needs of you or your customers change overtime, we are here to make any updates your app requires.

Quality Control That Counts

We don’t just build apps that look good. We build apps that work.

The last thing you want after investing money in an iOS app developer is to find out that it is full of bugs, crashes on your users, or isn’t built to the specifications of modern mobile devices.

The product launch cycle at App Gurus isn’t a straight line. Through an iterative quality-focused process, we test your app at every stage of development. And then, we test it, test it, and test it some more.

The end result is an app that encompasses everything that your brand story needs without sacrificing functionality or user experience.

The Easy Choice for Australia iOS App Development

Don’t play the app development game on hard mode. Reach out to App Gurus today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you build the iOS app that your customers deserve.


From a top-selling educational app for kids to a program that helps aspiring artists hone their drawing skills, we have designed advanced and beloved Apple iOS apps in a range of genres. Not only did these applications pass Apple’s strict approval process, but they’ve also gone on to find audiences on countless iPhones and iPads around the globe.


Android App Development Brisbane

Samsung Galaxy | HTC | Xperia | Nexus | Note | Tablet

The Google Play store is the largest app store in the mobile world, with 2.8 million apps and counting. With so much competition, businesses and entrepreneurs need truly stellar apps to stand out from the crowd. Add the ever-changing landscape of Android devices, and the challenges of this market become even more pronounced.

At App Gurus, we use a well-established development process to guarantee high levels of quality control, no matter the app category or scale. Our Android developers can even figure out ways to future proof your app so that it keeps pace with the evolution of the Android platform. If you need the best Android app developer Brisbane has to offer reach out to App Gurus. Our expert team has been behind some of the biggest projects in Android App Development Australia has ever seen

Android App Development Australia

App Gurus creates beautiful Android apps that function seamlessly

Android ended 2018 with almost 45% of the mobile OS market share, so Australia businesses looking to reach customers can’t overlook the importance of quality Android app development.

Our experienced team of dedicated developers has what it takes to bring your vision to life on mobile devices. From finger tapping fun games to business-minded marketing applications, our Australia Android app developers have built them all.

Success Stories


This addictive rebound game is “balls of fun for everyone”, featuring quirky cartoon graphics and a seamless user experience that keeps players coming back for more again and again.


Revolutionizing the way small businesses track their advertising campaigns, LinX provides a simple, on-the-go app for busy business owners to stay on top of how their Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns are performing.

Brisbane Northside Emergency

This is one of the favorite highlights of our Brisbane Android app development team. A visit to the emergency room is already stressful enough, but this app provides an easy way for patients to manage their admission and track their medical records.

Android App Development for All Occasions

One of the first things new clients in almost any industry want to know is “Do you have an app?” The App Guru team of Android app developers in Australia specializes in finding ways for you to answer with a resounding “Yes!”

Whether you know exactly what you want your app to do or don’t even know what type of app could benefit your company, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Exciting Games

Mobile games are one of the best ways for businesses to build their brand identity—especially if you are aiming to appeal as approachable and relevant to modern consumers.


Whether your app helps users calculate interest rates or calorie needs, offering customers a simple way to get the information they need is a surefire way to gain their loyalty.

Goal Trackers

Educational goals, finance goals, exercise goals, and more! It doesn’t matter what goals your clients have, if you provide them with an app to track them, they will be reminded of your brand every time they login to update their progress.

And So Much More

Your imagination truly is the limit when it comes to our Australia Android app development team. Our goal is to help you shape your vision into a flawless app that speaks to your brand and makes your customers love you even more than they already do.

Quality Android App Development in Australia Starts With Us

The App Gurus aren’t just a bunch of anti-social programmers buried in a dark basement. We are a team of truly creative, energetic entrepreneurs.

We’ve spent years developing apps, getting them approved on Google Play, and working with clients to keep them updated and functional.

Our Android app development process is built on the knowledge that your app is the frontline of your brand. This means that every app we create is designed to provide a seamless user experience—futureproofed against the changing landscape of technology and thoroughly tested for maximum functionality.

So get in touch today to learn how our Android app developers can help grow your business in Australia.


If you have made it this far, you are here with a reason. You need our help!

We are super friendly and genuinely care to help you succeed.

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