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    You will receive our Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your app idea. We respect your confidentiality and therefore keep all disclosed information private.

    How much does it cost to build an app?

    This is the most common question that gets asked early on and is difficult to answer. App development cost can range widely depending on the requirements of the project. It is crucial to determine a clearly defined scope of work in order to receive an accurate quote for development.

    How long does it take to built an app?

    Development timeline is subjective to the project requirements and size of project. There are 3 timelines to a project. Design, Development and Testing. For each project there is a fixed and variable timeline. We will help you understand the difference between the two and how it applies to your particular project.

    Do you do maintenance?

    We most certainly do. We offer different types of maintenance services post development. We adjust what is most suiting for the needs of your platform.

    How do I go about finding an investor?

    There are various paths to getting investment. This has to be assessed on a project basis to figure out what method would be easiest or most effective. Throughout the years, feedback has demonstrated that investors like to see the product and proposed business model. This is why we have included prototyping in our services as it is the quickest and most cost effective way to demonstrate the end product to your prospective investors without needings funds for development .

    How do I know that you guys won’t steal our idea and develop it yourselves?

    We provide our NDA to all our clients for peace of mind. All information you share with us remains confidential at all times, even if you don’t end up pursuing a project with us.

    If you like our idea, do you invest in exchange for equity?

    As a dedicated leader and service provider in this industry, our full focus is on servicing our clients. Due to this, we don’t have the time to divert our attention that would be necessary for investment partnerships.

    Can you continue development if I’m not happy with my current developer?

    We often come to the rescue for a lot of clients who are at different stages of their development journey. We have a consultation with you to understand your position and will guide you on the transitional process.

    What work have you done in the past?

    We have worked with a range of clients from various industries from startups to small and large businesses. We often help businesses service their internal operations more efficiently by developing dedicated solutions tailored for their business.

    Do you do websites as well?

    Absolutely. Majority of apps have a dependency on web based admin portals and front-end websites. Likewise we also design and build sole websites and web apps.

    Where is my app hosted?

    During development we host your project on our AWS – Amazon Web Services development server. On project completion, we migrate your app or web platform to your dedicated server infrastructure. We highly recommend AWS, however are open to working with your existing or preferred provider if it is suitable.