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    Company in Brisbane Australia!

    Step into top-notch Android experiences tailored to your business needs. Since more than 12 years, as a leading IT firm in Australia, we bring creativity and precision to every project. Welcome to a domain where each app is a masterpiece, and your digital success story begins with us.

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    The Why Behind Opting for Our Android App Development in Australia

    Diverse Audience Appeal

    Australia's diverse population demands apps that cater to various preferences and needs. Android's flexibility and adaptability make it the perfect choice for developers aiming to reach a broad audience.

    Thriving Tech Ecosystem

    Australia's bustling tech ecosystem provides a fertile ground for Android app development to thrive. Engage with a community that encourages innovation and embraces cutting-edge solutions.

    Seamless Integration with Local Businesses

    Android apps seamlessly integrate with local businesses, enhancing customer engagement and fostering a sense of community. From cafes to corporations, Android apps play a pivotal role in connecting businesses with their target audience.

    Android's Global Dominance

    Android's global dominance amplifies its impact in Australia. Develop apps that resonate not only with local users but also with a vast international audience, expanding your app's reach and influence.

    Responsive and Customizable UI/UX

    Australians appreciate apps with a responsive and customizable user interface. Android's adaptability allows developers to create apps that align perfectly with user preferences, delivering an unparalleled user experience.

    Innovation and Cutting-Edge Features

    Android's open-source nature and constant updates empower developers to implement the latest trends and features. Stay ahead of the curve and offer users innovative solutions that set your app apart.

    Call Us 1300 699 571

    Tools & Technologies We
    Use For Android App Development

    • Android
    • Jetpack Compose
    Tools & Utilities
    • Android Studio
    • InteliJ Idea
    • Android SDK
    • Android NDK
    • Version Control Tools(Git, GitLab, Bitbucket)
    • SQLite
    • RealM
    • Room
    • Android Drawable Preview
    • ADB Idea
    • Gradle
    • Groovy
    • JUnit
    CI/CD Tools
    • Travis
    • Cirrus
    • Codemagic
    • Bitrise
    • Fastlanee

    Our Recent Work

    Relief Driver

    Find & book a Relief Driver on demand.
    A tailored quick and easy mobile app that allows Owner Drivers to find their preferred Relief Driver on demand. Plan in advance.

    • Mobile App
    • Productivity
    • Australia
    • Android
    • Laravel


    Introducing Rise Alarm: Wake Up Game designed to help you always wake up on time. Featuring 5 different challenges, the simple alarm clock will help you build good habits, achieve your goals, and never be late again. By solving puzzles, or even better standing up and walking, you will wake up your brain and make it difficult to go back to sleep.

    • Mobile App
    • Productivity
    • Australia
    • Android
    • Laravel


    The Mission Is Simple: To make it easy for connection-seekers, to plan and experience real-world dates, share special moments, and create invaluable memories with like-minded others, offline. iKnowa links Australia’s dating scene to our Places; be it a restaurant, cafe, or bar to your favourite speciality treats. They highlight their menu, atmosphere, and dress code along with promoting their unique offers and Perfect Dates.

    • Mobile App
    • Lifestyle
    • Australia
    • Android
    • Laravel

    What Our Client's Say



    We came to App Gurus with an idea and extremely basic wireframe of our concept. They provided priceless industry knowledge, transparency and understanding as part of the design and construction process. As a startup with no app development or programming knowledge, the experience of App Gurus turned our idea into a polished, fully functioning product. The continuing support we have received after completion of our app has been exceptional.

    Jared Fomenko & Mike Edmondson
    iKnowa / Co-founders

    I moved to App Gurus in 2019 after using another company for a number of years and not being satisfied with the quality of work. The change was the best thing I ever did for my app. App Gurus actually listened to exactly what I wanted out of my app and nothing was too hard for them - as well as their pricing was attractive. I would happily recommend App Gurus to anyone whether they are wanting a development done from scratch or already have a product and they are not happy with their current service. I'm very excited about the future of my app knowing I have the backing of App Gurus if I need anything.

    Mitchell Keel-Vassiliou
    Umoji / Founder

    Where to begin? We can all conceive that app development is highly specialized. Client expectations have to be managed especially where projects take on a life of their own, creating options that could never have been envisaged at the start. In our case, subject to certain parameters, App Gurus became a quasi partner in fulfilling the dreams we had of our project. The integration of their ideas into our project was priceless. This does not happen in normal business dealings. Big Thumbs Up App Gurus.

    Michael Myers
    KISBOOKS / Founder

    App Gurus built a platform to manage the driver compliance paperwork and fault reporting system for heavy vehicles. It could automatically review all paperwork, sending notifications when there were issues. App Gurus showed genuine passion for the project, giving invaluable technical insights.

    Scott Barber
    Hanson / National Fleet Engineering & Innovation Manager

    App Gurus offered strong interpersonal relationships that optimized the development process. The apps have remained in the top positions of the education genre in the Apple Store. I appreciate App Gurus' loyalty and understanding. We've formed a bond and trust with each other, and we respect each other's opinions.

    Jo Otto
    Maths Rockx / Founder

    These guys are great and easy to work with. Their patience and service has been amazing considering we come from a non tech background. Highly recommend them.

    Travis Murphy
    All Aussie Farmers / Managing Director

    We never felt that we were dealing with sales people, but rather with a team that had a deep technical understanding. App Gurus built an app to improve communication between the client and their customers. They also integrated an AI element to make custom recommendations to users.

    Kerry Anderson
    Get More Traffic / General Manager

    I approached the App Gurus to transform my Homeworthy Inspection System into a mobile app. They guided me through the entire process and made Homeworthy a robust platform by utilising my vision and industry experience. Many businesses and individuals now conduct their inspection services using Homeworthy and the numbers are growing. I personally have saved 2 hours per day on inspection reports, by simply using the Homeworthy app. It's a fast and reliable experience.

    Bob Sternberg
    Homeworthy Inspection Systems / Founder & Director

    Working with the App Gurus was very professional and streamlined. They took my vague descriptions of what I wanted and turned them into something real and functional. There was a lot of extra guidance which has been quite valuable in shaping Eater Meter to what it is today. I highly recommend App Gurus for any sort of web-app related development.

    Jonas Larsen
    Eater Meter / Founder