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    The ultimate closet
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    Share your style with friends, and stay trendy with Portae.

    Portae is an intuitive app for organizing and selling one’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Users can create their virtual wardrobes on Portae.

    Users just need to create a profile and take a picture of their items, and they can organize items into customizable racks. They can share their profile with friends, and follow them to keep up to date with their style and trends.

    Users can easily list their wardrobe items for sale. Followers that have already “liked” any of those items, will be directly notified that the item has been listed for sale. The owner of the item can be messaged directly to make a deal.

    Key Features

    • With the in-app camera, users can take pictures of their clothes, shoes and accessories, and upload and categorize into customizable racks for easy browsing through their wardrobe. Their profile and specific items can be private or viewed publicly.
    • Portae users can show off their wardrobe. They can allow other users to follow their wardrobe and be notified when others “like” their items. Users can follow other profiles to browse through their wardrobe and keep up to date with the latest purchases.
    • Users can easily list their wardrobe items for sale and include a price. Followers that have already “liked” that item will be directly notified that it's been listed for sale. The owner of the item can be messaged directly to make a deal.
    • Unlike other apps, Portae doesn't take commissions when users sell their items. The app is free to download and use, upload items and follow other wardrobes. The premium membership is subscription-based and allows access to the buy/sell features, including the sell toggle, price listing and direct messaging functions. All transactions are handled outside of the app.


    • Drag-and-drop feature for Racks and Items.
    • Cover image of the racks, categories and subcategories.
    • Managing the addition of new brands.


    • We used a draggable and DropTarget widget with some custom logic.
    • We provided a drag and drop feature. Also new items would be shown in the first place.
    • Newly added brands are shown at the top of the list until the admin takes actions related to them.

    Transforming Ideas
    into Stunning Designs:
    From Wireframe to Wow!

    Design Tools

    • Adobe XD
    • Invision
    • Photoshop

    3rd Party APIs/SDKs/Libraries

    • SendGrid
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging
    • Firebase Crashlytics
    • Firebase Push Notification
    • Cloudflare
    • In-App Purchase

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    App Gurus ensured a smooth workflow through frequent communication and prompt customer support — they were always quick to respond to any queries or concerns. The team was also proactive in terms of sharing helpful ideas. They loved my concept and understood my target market really well.

    Melinda Thornton