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    What is 9 x 1 ?

    A Futuristic App,
    helping users always
    wake up on time, and
    achieve their goals.

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    Featuring 5 different challenges, the simple alarm clock helps users build good habits, achieve their goals, and never be late again.

    Rise helps users wake up their body and mind completely!

    Users can choose from various alarm sounds, whether they are gentle or loud, set their selected music as the alarm, or even combine different missions to make sure their body and mind are wide awake!

    Users can upgrade to premium for access to more tasks such as memorisation as well as other future content. Also, users can change the theme of the app to find the app in a new look.

    Key Features

    • The app has 3 support themes: Light, Grey and Dark.
    • Users can set an alarm with a Math and Spelling (free) quiz which makes sure their body and mind are wide awake.
    • There are in-app purchase features which unlock Memorization, Colour Match and Walking quiz.
    • Users can select different types of alarm sounds.


    • Saving an alarm in the database, and showing the added alarm for listening when the user is offline.
    • Implementation of in-app purchase for premium features.


    • FMDB database for offline management.
    • Auto-renew subscription of in-app purchase.

    Transforming Ideas
    into Stunning Designs:
    From Wireframe to Wow!

    Design Tools

    • Adobe XD
    • Invision
    • Photoshop

    3rd Party APIs/SDKs/Libraries

    • Chart Library
    • Calendar SDK
    • Flow Layout SDK
    • Local Database

    What Our Client's Say


    App Gurus provided the outcome what I was expecting. I just shared my idea with their team which I wanted to publish in the market and they guided me and made this product in a very efficient way. My apps are available on stores and I am really happy with the service they provided.

    Oliver Roman